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Our Prevention Policy for Covid-19

These have been unprecedented times for all businesses and it has been for ours too! 

As the situation with the global pandemic of the coronavirus ( Covid-19 ) evolves our top priority during these unprecedented times is to make sure of the health and safety of you, our valued customers, our little family business and communities.

 At Likes4YourStyles taking care of our family business and community is important to us. Even though we are a small business we are still able to have a full salary.

Although we do not ship the products to customers from any of our online stores e-commerce site we make sure that our manufacturers use the proper PPE   (Personal Protective Equipment ) upon preparing and packing the products to our customers. This includes that they wear vinyl gloves and masks.  

Also our shipping times may take longer than usual on certain items as they are coming from overseas in China. It happens to be where the majority of our products are shipped from and this has been the country most affected by Covid-19. Because of this the cargo airlines and ships have had delayed  shipments.  Now that the country has opened back up there may be a back log of orders which for a time may make it difficult to receive orders in a timely manner. The good news is that shipping is getting slowly back to normal. 

Feel free to go ahead and order if you like. We always post on the product page an estimated time of arrival with each item. Please read them before you place your order to see when your product is scheduled to arrive. After placing your order you can choose to Track your order's journey through an app called Shop formally called Arrive. 

We truly appreciate you as a valued customer and are highly grateful for all our customers who have supported our little family e-com business throughout these stressful times.

Thank You!