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14 Fashion Trends that will Explode Your Likes 4 Your Styles in 2017

Posted by Patricia Henry on

14 Fashion Trends that will Explode Your Likes 4 Your Styles in 2017

14 Fashion Trends that will Explode Your Likes 4 Your Styles in 2017 will be powerful for getting the look that will get you the likes you want.

Tips and tricks for hair, make-up and wardrobe always will keep the fashionista in you in style mode. Sometimes just adding 3-4 pieces of a luxury item to you closet is all it takes.
  • Freshen up with a new lip color or a new suit to mix and match for work will do.

  • Then for a weekend look, try a new jean or leather jacket or a comfortable pair of leggings to wear on the weekend can make you day.
  • And since we have 3 more months to go for the winter why not a new trench coat or big sweater to keep you nice and toasty and warm.

  • You can still function with the new fingerless gloves that let you hold your special cup of Hot Joe or let's you type on your smart phone or tablet as you wear them.

  • What on top of your head? That hat is awesome and it's got jewels all over it.

  • Of course, when we do finally talk of Spring being around the corner, we may want that feminine touch of lace that seems to be a staple in our lives.

  • Let's talk about shoes. Who can't get enough of them? I have a whole closet full. I need a pair for every outfit it seems.

  • Girl, let's also talk about getting likes for your styles with a new handbag. Whether it's a designer purse or a trendy little number, it will bring you instant style.
  • Accessories are a fun way to brighten up your look as well. I always love a new necklace or earrings to make a statement with bling.

  • Have you tried those fabulous hair extensions or hair pieces yet. A must.

  • Boost your style to get likes with a head turning new dress. Oh! How feminine a modern version of soft sexy lace can be. We love the look especially worn with ankle booties.

  • Take advantage of pampering yourself first. Get that much needed message or relaxing relief from the sauna that you know you really need. Get the kinks out of your body by exercising to be fit and healthy most of all. Eat Right!

  • Try on a new fresh fragrance to get that head turning attention. However, to wear it sparingly is the key because others may be sensitive to it if they have allergies.

  • Debuting for Spring are a crop of new trends and colors for you nails. Try adding a different color to each nail and don't forget to shine with iridescent  sunglass or car chrome finishes.

All in all have fun after all that is what fashion and style is all about. It is also functional, especially in the cold winter weather season when we have to face these harsh elements.
But even if we have to bundle up an keep warm remember to do it in style. After all we are fashionistas and we wear our styles seriously.

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